50/50 Club – About

Havenstreet Community Centre Association (HCA)  

The 2019 closure date for applications to join this Private Society Lottery has now expired. You can still read and find out about the club in anticipation for a new issue in 2020.

Did You Know …..      

As a resident of Havenstreet you are automatically a member of the Havenstreet Community Association and able to be part of the 50 / 50 club?

What is the 50 / 50 Club?

A monthly cash draw ( private society lottery) where half of the money entered is used as cash prizes and the other half goes to the equipping and maintaining of the Havenstreet Community Centre.

How Much Could I win?

The prize fund will be 50% of the total entry fees,     divided into twelve equal amounts. Every month, three random numbers will be drawn. First prize will be 25% of monthly prize fund, second prize, 15% and third prize, 10%. The more members – the greater the prizes! Winners names / amounts will be published on the centre notice board, web site and email (if provided) Full details, rules and administration can be seen at www.havenstreetcommunity.co.uk

How much will it cost?

An annual payment of £20 entitles each member to one stake in each monthly draw for a year. More than one stake per month can be bought, for example an annual payment of £40 entitles the member to 2 stakes each month.

Who can join?

To comply with the rules of a private society lottery membership is only open to residents of Havenstreet, over 16yrs..

How can I join?

Either complete the online form available here  or in the menu option above. Alternatively,   print the form alliable below and return, with cheque payment,  to 50/50 Club, c/o Havenstreet Community Centre, Main Road, Havenstreet PO33 4DJ.

50 50 blank application form

Applications must be submitted by FRIDAY 29TH MARCH 2019. Stakes will not be available or transferable after that date (rules available on line at above web site