50 / 50 Club Rules

The HCA 50 / 50 Club Rules

 1. The object of the Club is to raise funds for Havenstreet Community Association to equip and maintain the Havenstreet Community Centre to the benefit of residents.

2. The Club will be run under the supervision of the Havenstreet Community Centre Committee members who will also administer the Club.

3. To comply with the licencing laws relating to a ‘Private Society Lottery’ the club is ONLY open to all Residents of Havenstreet Village who by their occupancy are automatically and constitutionally a member of the Havenstreet Community Association.

4. Members must be 16yrs and over.

5. Members must fill in an application form providing their full name and address details.

6. Members must  agree to and comply with the rules and conditions detailed in this document.

7. Entry will be by subscription of £20 per year per number, paid in advance. 

8. Members may have more than one number.

10. The draw will be undertaken monthly, at the start of the HCA Committee Meetings.

11. Monthly winner details will be posted on centre notice boards, internally and externally. 

12. Prizes will depend on the exact number of tickets sold. The prize fund will be 50% of the total annual entry fees, divided into twelve equal amounts. Every month, three random numbers will be drawn. First prize will be 25% of monthly prize fund, second prize, 15% and third prize, 10%. 

13. Registers will be kept recording the name and address of each member, the number(s) allocated to them and the subscriptions received from them.

14. Unless otherwise advised, a member will be deemed to have left the Club if his or her renewal of subscription remains unpaid for a period of one month.

15. If a winner cannot be contacted, the winnings will be placed into HCA Funds after 6 months.

16. The decision of the Association Officers will be final in all cases. Prizes will depend on the exact number of tickets sold.